School Work During COVID-19 Closure

School will be regularly uploading and setting tasks for students to complete. Students are EXPECTED to complete all work that is set on a regular basis.

Admissions going on

Applications for Y7 – Y9 for Academic Year 2024/25
Open Day: Saturday 14th October 2023 at 2:00pm
Submission Deadline: 10/11/23
Also enrolling applications for Y7 – Y9 for Academic Year 2023/24
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LIS meets the Prime Minister

School children from LIS joined Britain’s Got Talent Judge & children’s author David Walliams to appeal to the Prime Minister for action on global hunger. The Prime Minister was presented with specially crafted plates from each of the children that have been decorated by school children across the UK. Read more

LIS student wins 3G Boss

Mir Jawwad Uddin, A student from London Islamic School, has been crowned the 3G Boss 2016, by Channel S and the Canary Wharf Group PLC in a reality TV show which brings together the best young entrepreneurs from the ages of 14-18 years old across the UK.
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AMS UK Awards

London Islamic School Assistant Headteacher wins the Non Teaching Staff of the Year 2012.
LIS wins Headteacher of the Year 2010 Award
The P.E Teacher of London Islamic School has been awarded the Nida Trust National Muslim Teachers’ Creativity & Innovation Sport Award for 2011.
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“There is a strong commitment to promoting the fundamental British values”.
“The behaviour of pupils is outstanding.”
“Strong teaching in most subjects enables pupils to make extensive progress with their learning. Pupils are given work that deepens their knowledge and understanding.”
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Below is our GCSE results for year 2023
Attainment 8: 48.5
Progress 8: -0.57
Percentage achieving grade 4/C or above in English and Maths: 65%

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Tackling It Together

London Islamic School students were treated to a coaching session run by West Ham Community Sports Trust with the aid of Hollywood Actor and former footballer Vinnie Jones, held at the abandoned Shoreditch tube station in East London.
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Interfaith Projects

The year 7s of London Islamic School (LIS) were given the honour of representing the Tower Hamlets Muslim community in an interfaith event at the Emirate Stadium. The event was organized by ‘Arsenal in the community – Arsenal for everyone project.
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Key Dates

Key Dates

INSET 1 4th September 23

Induction Week New Y7 5th - 15th September 23

New Y7 Trip 18th September 23

GCSE Parents Meeting Y10 21st September 23

Dar Trip 27th September 23

SCRAF Assessment Day (students only) 11th October 23

SCRAF Report Day (students & parents) 2nd November 23

Interim Parents Report Day Y7 - tutor only 8th November 23

Interim Parents Report Day Y11 - all subjects 9th November 23

Half Yearly National Curriculum Examinations 4th - 15th December 23

Half Yearly Alimiyyah & Hifz Examinations 18th - 22th December 23

INSET 2 – to be confirmed 8th January 24

Half Yearly Parents Report Day 16th - 17th January 24

UK Maths Challenge Intermediate Exams Y9 - Y11 31st January 24

UMC Football Y9 & Y7 6th March 24

UMC Football Y10 & Y8 13th March 24

UMC Athletics Training Day (inclusive) 21st March 24

UK Maths Challenge Junior Exams Y7 - Y8 25th April 24

UMC Athletics 30th April 24

Year 11 Leaving Assembly – to be confirmed 3rd May 24

Study Leave / GCSE Examinations - to be confirmed 13th May – 21st June 24

Y10 & Y11 Residential Trip 24th - 26th May 24

End of Year Trip Y7 & Y8 – Thorpe Park 4th June 24

End of Year Trip Y9 - Paintball 10th June 24

Annual National Curriculum Examinations 11th – 21st June 24

Annual Alimiyyah & Hifz Examinations 24th - 28th June 24

Enrolment Day 4th July 24

Display Work Week 1st - 12th July 24

Annual Sports Day 11th July 24

Al Azad Cup Y9 15th July 24

Annual Parents Report Day 16th - 17th July 24

Annual Assembly & Awards Ceremony and Annual Teachers & Students Lunch 18th July 24

INSET 3 and Teachers & Y11 Match 19th July 24

Khatme Bukhari & Annual Jalsa 20th July 24

INSET 1 (academic year 2024/25) 2nd September 24