Educational trips

Educational Trips – we endeavor to enhance student learning through educational and leisure day trips or residentials. To ensure that this is done, teachers are encouraged to integrate this into their schemes of work as well as the student council representatives being given the authority to conduct research and submit a trip request form to the Senior Management Team (SMT).

External Organisation Partnerships – LIS has formal links with various voluntary and public sector groups running various activities for young people. Our links include Newark Youth London, West Ham Community, Osmani Trust, Bangladeshi Football Association and others.  These organizations run evening, weekend programmes where we refer our students to so they may benefit from these. Moreover they deliver workshops, accredited and non accredited at the school or in their centres.

LIS Trip to Bletchley Park

London Islamic School students visited Bletchley Park, which some say is the birth place of the modern day computer. It was here that Alan Turing and his team managed to crack the infamous German Enigma Machine. Students were able to have a look at the Turing machine at work with a demonstration. They were also able to have a practical hands on experience with an actual Enigma Machine, one that still survives today.

Parliament Trip 2018

Trip to Centre of the Cell (Science)

LIS Visit to the Natural History Museum

YTA – Young Team Ambassadors

London Dungeon Trip