Fees Structure and Payment Procedures 2020/21

By the grace of Allah and your help, through parental contributions, our humble organisation has benefited greatly over the past years. However, in order to continue to improve, the school requires a constant contribution from yourselves. Payment details of the contributions are as follows.

Payment Dates

The total yearly parental contribution is payable to London Islamic School and must be paid in advance or by instalments adhering to the following deadlines.  Please note that fees will be reviewed in August of each academic year and may increase. 

  Total: £3,200
Instalment Date Amount
1st New Y7: 9th July 20

Existing Students: 1st September 20

2nd 4th January 21 £1,100
3rd 12th April 21 £1000


Note: First instalment must be paid in cash.  Parents are liable to pay the full instalment for the terms their child is admitted at the school.  A discount of £100 will be given provided the full fee is paid in advance.  Where there are three or more siblings a discount of 5% per child will be given.  In cases where a child is permanently excluded no refund will be given.

Late Fee

No further reminders will be given for payment of fees. However, late payments will incur fines that will be added on top of the standard fees as follows.

For payments late by:

1day – 30 days   – a late fee of £20 is applied

31days – 60 days  – a 2nd late fee of £25 is applied

61day – 90 days  –  a 3rd late fee of £30 is applied

After the 90 days period the student will not be allowed back to school until all outstanding arrears, including the fines, are received in full.

Admission Fee

An additional one off admission contribution of £300 is payable at the time of enrolment.  This is for the duration of the students stay at school and is non-refundable.  Admission fee must be paid in cash.

Application Fee

An Application fee of £10 is payable upon submission of application form.