Mission and Ethos

Mission Statement

‘Steadfast in faith’ we aim to produce the next generation of Ulama, Huffaz, professionals and Daes who have a broad and balanced education in Islamic Theology and National Curriculum such that they are God conscious and productive British citizens who are able to make pioneering contribution to society in a way that promotes peace, harmony and tolerance.


London Islamic School aim to provide students with the highest standard of education in all subjects instilling qualities of self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence whereby students distinguish right from wrong. The school aims to create a warm, friendly and relaxed environment wherein students and staff enjoy an understanding of mutual respect thereby creating an atmosphere of teaching and learning, an environment where students can relate to each other in a respectable and responsible manner.
The school aims to provide the highest moral, spiritual, ethical, social and cultural values whereby each student learns to respect the law and shows initiative by becoming a dynamic contributor to local, national and international issues, someone who is felt and valued as an asset to the community due to his balanced understanding of his own culture as well as the culture of others. Thus, London Islamic School aims to produce students of such a calibre, which help promote harmony and understanding in our society to secure a bright future. We do not promote any specific partisan political views; rather we aim to present students with a variation of views from a variation of sources in a non advice approach so they receive a thorough grounding of views resulting in them, themselves being able to make informed decisions with regards to their own views.