All About Alan Turing


Who is Alan Turing?

Alan Turing was a great man. He was a coder during the World War II. He was the hero who cracked the German's code with his computer he made.
Here is a picture of Alan aged only 16:

What was the German's code machine and what did it do?

The German's had a machine called the Enigma machine that could send messages in a different form. For example if someone typed in the letter 'G' it might have come up as the letter 'B'.
Here is a picture of an Enigma machine:

What did Alan use to break the Enigma code?

This is the machine that Alan Turing used to break the Enigma code. This specific machine is the rebuild of the bombe(Bombe-Rebuild). The Bombe Rebuild could calculate 15 operations a second.
Here is a picture of the Bombe-Rebuild:

The end of the World War II

Now that Britain could hear the German's code, the war was easier and they could now intercept the German's attack. So then Germany's leader, Hitler, commited suicide and Germany was a mess. After that the war was over and the world was calm again.