Admission Requirements

For year 7, 8 and 9 we accept students who are predicted to attain or have attained a level 4 and above in at least 2 KS2 tests, been successful for their interview. In certain circumstances we accept those who are on a level 3 in maybe one of the subjects.

For Year 10 the school only accepts students who have achieved a level 5 and above for SATs in at least 2 subjects and been through the interview successfully.  In some circumstances this may differ.  The reason for these restrictions is the fact that the school does not have the additional resources and facilities for the student to catch up with work.

We do not accept students in year 11, as we do not have the resources and facilities to cater for them at this very late stage of their education.

All places offered are subject to academic, social, moral, spiritual and cultural reviews.

English as an additional Language support

In accordance to the schools commitment to provide support for the pupils who have difficult in English, the school will work together with the English teachers to provide additional support for these pupils the the following ways;

  • In class support to facilitate access to full curriculum.
  • Withdrawal for intensive work on basic literacy skills.
  • Ensure that the programme of study and the materials used to deliver them, are suited to the pupils needs enabling them to achieve and progress.
  • The school has a partnership with a support group (where school teachers are involved) which works collaboratively with Heads of Department providing additional support on Saturdays to students who have been referred by their Heads of Departments, including support in English.
Special Education Needs

The school does not accept applications from SEN, as the school does not have the facilities to cater for these students.